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Arcadia offers a high precision mass flow pumping system. The system will maintain accuracy regardless of the changes in density, specific gravity, or viscosity. Mass flow measurement is complimented by digital closed-loop motor speed control. A full-range of pumps are available for various applications.


Here are some features that can be incorperated into this portable design:

  • Multiple streams, recycle loops
  • Automated valves, pressure relief valves, check valves
  • In line istrumentation
  • Remote/Local Control with a range of network interfaces.
  • Fiber Optic and Wireless Available
  • Enviroment

    Metering Systems are available for classified area applications utilizing NFPA 496 Purge and Pressurization. All units are NEMA 4X and suitable for washdown. Portable and plug in for power and communication - a single unit can be used for multiple process rooms.